2010 USPA Nationals

USPA Nationals are in full swing again at Skydive Chicago, IL. This past weekend saw the 4-way formation skydiving teams battle it out, with Arizona Airspeed taking 1st place as so many times before, but not without stiff competition from younger teams such as Perris Fury and the new generation of Golden Knights.
It is now on to more formation skydiving (8-way, 10-way, 16-way), followed by  vertical formation skydiving, freeflying, freestyle and canopy relative work (CReW).   Nationals then wrap up with the classic events of style and accuracy.

Right before Nationals there was a wee bit of drama concerning a certain someone slapping up a 3rd party website intended to host news and information from Nationals.  That page was taken offline per USPA’s request, as it had no affiliation with the real deal.  There were some hurt feelings, but seeing that Skydive Chicago is doing a pretty good job of posting scores as they become official, most people were able to dry the tears and move right along.  You can read more about USPA’s stance here –  and really it’s pretty easy to identify with their point of view.

PD New Beginning

James LaBarrie from Skydive Carolina has been on site and on behalf of Blue Skies Magazine put up a shitload ton of news and photos on our Facebook page.  If you are on Facebook and hungry for Nationals news, check it out – he’s been doing an excellent job!

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