Random Stranger, please step forward!

What kind of people skydive??   The short answer seems to be all kinds – young/old, short/tall, outgoing/sky, well off/flat broke – and everything in-between.
But one thing skydivers have in common is that they certainly are not dull personalities.  Well, I guess it’s possible to find one or two, but for the most part this sport contains a lot of quirky characters.

Those of you that are subscribers have probably noticed that one of our monthly features introduces you to a random stranger – and each time we get to learn a little bit about that person, how they came to make that first jump and what keeps them ticking and coming back to the sky.

PD New Beginning

We want to feature some cool cats in the upcoming magazines, so we hereby advertise for random strangers.  If you know a skydiver who you think has something interesting or fun to share, and wouldn’t mind getting his/hers mug in Blue Skies Magazine, by all means drop Kolla a line (kolla at with the persons name & contact information (e-mail preferred) so that we can get in touch and do a quick interview.  And please don’t nominate yourself, because that’s just tacky.

For the fine print, we reseve the right to use all, some or none of the suggestions sent in, in a totally random fashion. We also reserve the right to run all suggestions by SkyGod too, so enter at your own risk.  Or rather, enter  your friends at no risk to yourself ;)


  • My name is Peter Hewitt, i was the first Paraplegic to gain a skydiving license after a spinal cord injury.
    I broke my back in a bad landing accident in Pretoria South Africa.
    Doctors told me to accept my lot and give up any ideas of ever walking, or much less ever Skydiving again. I was adamant that i would skydive again. With some help from Eric “Tonto” Stephenson, a well known South African instructor, I returned to the sport exactly one year after my accident.
    I currently hold a B license and have done more than one hundred jumps as a paraplegic Skydiver.
    I have also helped another Australian Paraplegic to gain a license using the system i employ.
    If you would like to use me in an article, you can contact me on my e-mail for more info.
    Blue sky’s
    Peter Hewitt

  • Hey ya.

    Hello from “Down Under”. Just wanted to say that you have a sick blog here!

    I’ve been thinking about doing a jump for some time now and I’ve just been searching around gathering info on jumping. I’ll be going for my first jump in two weeks time. I can’t wait!

    I’ll be back!

    Once again, a very cool blog!

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