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The latest issue of Blue Skies Mag is hitting mailboxes now, yippee! You might have read in the FlyBy that you can now be a contributor to We have this all configured, but we’re also planning a little site makeover that will shuffle a few things around. We didn’t want to show people how to post, only to change the game a few days later, so we’re holding off on enabling you to post your thoughts until the redesign.

It shouldn’t be many more days until we’re ready to unveil everything, so just hold tight and check back with us. Right now, our goal is Monday, July 26 and we’re pretty well on track. If you’ve ever done website work though, you know the devil is in the details, so hopefully he stays away!

PD New Beginning

In the meantime, think of what you want to say and get ready to be heard :)

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