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June/July Cover

We're a big kid now. | Photo by Justin Carmody.
Written by Lara

A sneak peek of what’s about to hit your mailbox.

We're a big kid now. | Photo by Justin Carmody.

We’re a big kid now. | photo by Justin Carmody

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Local jumpers Jen and Lauren posed for the talented Mr. Carmody one very hot Florida day (you should have seen the sweat). Yes, they’re real, live, current jumpers. Yes, that’s all their own gear. Yes, we will have more photos online, plus a lovely centerfold in the June/July issue of Blue Skies Mag.

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PD New Beginning

Okay, how about some quality time with SkyGod, a new freeflyer’s progression using the new Skydive U DVDs, a word from The Fuckin’ Pilot, another insightful Melanie Curtis column, an overview of all the crazy association/brotherhoods out there (Who are the Rodriguez Brothers?), the Top Ten Most Expensive Orthopedic Injuries with plenty of x-ray broken goodness, Project XRW and a Jumpin’ Mama?

If that doesn’t make you want to send a measly couple of bucks our way to get this printed amazingness, well then…


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