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Parachuting- How to Parachute Safely For The First Time

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Parachuting- How to Parachute Safely For The First Time

One way is using the fixed ripcord system. Articles of ipod screen protector In this system, the parachute is connected to the fuselage of the plane. Jumping from the airplane, the ripcord will open its container and heave the parachute pack. Because only when the parachute lanyard completely stretches that the parachute can pull away from the parachute package, This system can help you to avoid the winding between parachute lanyard and canopy. The cost of the fixed parachute rip cord system is lower than other means, but it will take more time to learn the same skill.How to


Another method is to adopt accelerate free fall (namely AFF). In the method of AFF, actually you jump out of the airplane from the height of 12,000 feet (3658 meters), fall freely about 40 seconds and then pull the fixed ripcord to open the parachute. In the course of free falling, we must maintain an aerodynamic body posture.Want to Know Whys that Have Smudge to ? Here It Is!

The third method is to apply the coming after style parachuting. The advantage of this method is that almost everyone can enjoy the fun of parachuting without attending training courses. During the coming after parachuting, you are virtually a passenger flying with the coach. 5 Rules You should Break

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