Hot Girl Wanted and other news

Mirage ad. Thank Ward.

Mirage ad. Thank Ward.

PD New Beginning

  • Mirage Systems has an open call for “a hot, experienced skydiving girl [who] would like to be on a National TV show filming in late July.” <Mirage>
  • Judge rules Skydive City, [Freefall Express] must coexist until trial. <Tampa Bay Online>
  • Nutty lady claims highest freefall jump, despite … well, every skydiver’s common knowledge. Bonus round – find all the ridiculously funny problems with this backstory article. <AOL news>
  • Italian wins that other World Cup. Jump4Heroes was also there with their poppy canopies. <ProBASE World Cup>
  • VA Beach firefighters rescue SEALs from trees. <WAVY>

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