Blue Skies Magazine Is Turning 1!

That’s right, this July will mark the one-year anniversary of the first issue of Blue Skies Magazine. Thank you for reading our little magazine this year. To our charter subscribers and advertisers, an extra special thank you for taking a chance on a new, completely unproven company, idea, philosophy, everything.

It’s no surprise that we’ve struggled to get each month’s issue out on a predictable schedule and for that, we apologize and thank you for sticking with us and being patient. Without going into whiny-baby territory, it’s been a challenging year professionally and personally for all of us. We’re still working towards quitting our various other jobs and putting 100% of our energy in Blue Skies Mag.

Towards our goal of getting back onto a reliable, mid-month delivery schedule, we’re combining the June and July issues into one mega celebratory issue, with some good little surprises sprinkled in. Because you’ve paid for 11 issues per year, we’re automatically extending everyone’s subscription one month.

The June/July issue is set to hit mailboxes July 15, August on August 15 and so on. Most of you get at least one other skydiving magazine around the first of each month, so we’re spreading the magazine love to the sad, forgotten middle of the month.

PD New Beginning

In addition to our super mega one-year birthday issue, look for a Blue Skies Mag boogie schedule, revamped website and shwag from Blue Skies Mag soon!

Kolla, Lara & Pierre
Blue Skies Magazine

PS – Take a few minutes to cast your votes in our first (annual?) Best of/Worst of Drop Zone poll!


  • I love the magazine!

    I appreciate that you publish what we all want to read about without worrying about being politcally correct about everything. ];-)

    Also, not sure if it means anything or helps, but you don’t need to worry about extending my subscription an extra month because of the combined June/July Issue. (I’ll be extending it myself as soon as it is due.)


  • Congrats on an amazing first year! You guys rock. I love the magazine, and I appreciate all the hard work you guys put in to make it awesome. I’m with Eric, I love how you don’t care about being politically correct, you just say what we’re all thinking. Don’t ever change!!

    Blue skies

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