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And worsties, of course. Here it is, the first Blue Skies Mag “Best Of” poll! It’s an all-write-in poll, so everyone has an equal chance of winning.

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PD New Beginning

Call us elitist, but we do ask that you vote only if you’ve made more than one jump at one drop zone. We know, the place you did that one jump was the best of the best of the best, but …

Photo by brainsonfire.


  • Wait a minute. You say, “It’s an all-write-in poll”, but it seems to require going to a survey. I just wanted to compliment a DZ I visited recently, and about something that is not going to be in any survey.

      • I was just wanting to tell everyone about Rapid Descent Skydiving in Hannibal, MO. This is a fairly new dropzone, started by Mike Barron of Barron Aviation.

        Mike and his father John have been in the classic aircraft business for a long time, and Mike became the FBO/airport manager at the Hannibal airport a couple of years ago.

        When Mike was approached by a number of jumpers in the Quincy, IL area, he decided that a dropzone would fit into his plan of supporting general aviation. Mike had made a few jumps many years ago, and has started jumping again.

        They had a charitable event supporting cancer research and they advertised in the Hannibal area. The airport was packed with spectators, tandem students, people taking glider rides all day, and experienced skydivers.

        The drop zone normally has a Cessna 195 and a Beech 18, but for this event they brought in Van Pray Jr’s Twin Otter.

        It was great to see a drop zone that not only supported skydivers, but supported general aviation and the public too.

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