Congratulations, TreeGirl!

We’d like to welcome our newest subscriber, Crystal Prom, better known as “That Girl Who Landed In the Tree at CarolinaFest 2010,” or “TreeGirl” for short.

Where nicknames are born. Yes, there is a girl dangling under that canopy. Photo by Trunk/Hypoxic.

TreeGirl handled a scary situation like a pro, going up for a second jump later that day. For that kind of spunk, bravery and badassedness, we had to give her a complimentary subscription to Blue Skies Mag. She also got 50% off a Mirage rig from a slightly inebriated Ward Hessig (pictures on the far left) later that night. (Helpful boogie tip: if you want any Mirage shwag, give Ward liquor.)

PD New Beginning

Congrats, TreeGirl, now you’re really a skydiver!


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