Police Apprehend Wingsuit UFOs!

The Royal British Legion Extreme Human Flight Team, Jump4Heroes, had a little encounter – entirely amicable – with the German Police last weekend.

Team members were training at the Joint Service Parachute Centre in Bad Lippspringe, Germany, in preparation for the forthcoming Canopy Piloting National Championships and the subsequent World Championships. After a long day flying their Competition Velocities across the impressive swoop pond, they decided to break out their new Poppy-branded Vampire 3 wingsuits for a quick jump.

From 16,000 feet up, Major Alastair Macartney and Warrant Officer Class One Spencer Hogg, with Corporal Stuart Storey flying on camera, flew out over the ranges of Sennelager training area.  They were carving around the cloud formations, creating an amazing show for those watching below, really putting the new suits through their paces on their maiden voyage.

Jump4Heroes wing suits

After swooping down to a safe landing on their Competition Velocities, they gathered up their gear and headed inside to pack up their kit. As they did so, two German police cars screeched on to the scene to apprehend the Jump4Heroes daredevils.

PD New Beginning

Jump4Heroes with German policeIt turned out that the people in the local town had never before seen high speed wingsuit flying in this style. Unsure of what it was and how to react, they had reported the “UFOs” to the local police.

It all ended amicably with the team members showing the police their equipment and demonstrating the flight modes.

They invited the police to come up on a jump but their offer was politely declined, strangely…

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  • I hadn’t seen them, either, and they do look very strange at first sight – though I somehow doubt our first sight of extra-terrestrials will include the poppy logo.

    Of course, if they’ve already studied human culture and been touched by the reason for the design, I could be very wrong…

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