City of DeLand votes against a control tower

Skydivers and skydiving operations in DeLand are currently doing the happy dance, after learning that the City of DeLand will not be constructing an air control tower at the DeLand Municipal Airport – at least not for now.

At a meeting last night, the City Commission voted unanimously to postpone the project.  The reason cited was worries that the tower project would dip too far into funds currently allocated for airport improvements and maintenance.   We think the real reason might have had something to do with Bill Booth’s most magical beard, but that theory remains unproven.
The city plans to revisit the topic in two to four years from now.

PD New Beginning

This comes as a huge relief to the many skydiving gear manufacturers that call DeLand home, as they are heavily dependent on Skydive DeLand’s operations for their training, testing and development of skydiving equipment.

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