BASE documentary: Gravity

BASE jumping.  The activity itself is often shrouded in mystery, especially for the uninitiated.  We skydivers are vaguely aware of them, but the where/when/how is usually not shared and therefore rarely witnessed.
That elusive hour, just when the hint of dawn begins to color the sky, belongs to the BASE jumpers.  At least here in Florida.  As a sub-species of the People of the Sky tribe, I think we can all agree that responsible BASE jumpers are like, totally cool.

Director Marah Strauch of Scissor Kick Films is working on putting together a non-fiction feature film, aiming to capture what it feels like to jump off a building, cliff or a bridge, and walk away alive.  She wants to capture the essence of life, of freedom, of what it feels like to defy gravity for a moment and fly.
This is a huge project and Marah and her team are currently working to raise funds to be able to complete the work – specifically they are launching a fundraiser focused on the restoration and transfer to HD of the Carl Boenish film archive.

PD New Beginning

Please visit their Kickstarter fundraising page, where you can also get more information about the project.  In Marah’s words, this film is meant to be more than a simple history of BASE, it is to be a film that will inspire BASE jumpers and non-BASE jumpers alike to follow their dreams.  And here is her brand new blog.

Best of luck to the Gravity film team, we look forward to see the final product!

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