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Boobquake 2010

We here at Blue Skies Magazine are all for critical thinking, scientific experiments and Lego Technic.  Now throw in boobs, and we are seriously intrigued.
Some of you might have heard or read about an Iranian cleric, HojatoleslamKazem Sedighi, who states that women wearing immodest clothing and behaving badly are to blame for earthquakes. More about that here.

Blogger Jen McCreight (self described as a liberal, geeky, nerdy, scientific, perverted atheist feminist trapped in Indiana) from the blog Blag Hag, came up with an idea to test Sedighi’s theory:  Operation Boobquake!

PD New Beginning

Today, Monday April 26th 2010, Jen pledges dress immodestly top and bottom, going for full on personal best in the cleavage department.  She encourages other scientifically minded female skeptics to join her in this experiment, utilizing their preferred way of immodesty.  If Sedighi’s theory holds true, this collective immodesty should result in an earthquake.   Twitter users can can follow Jen (@jennifurret) and monitor the event using the tag #boobquake.

Lastly, in the name of education, if any of the Blue Skies Magazine readers join in this experiment, we beg that you send in pictures of your earthquake inducing boobage so that we may all enjoy this scientific experiment to the fullest.

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