Bridge Day Boogie?

Skydive West Virginia recently opened up and they want to know:

PD New Beginning

Would you go to a Bridge Day boogie?


  • Like what does that mean? Flying and dropping over the bridge and landing in same spot as base jumpers or what?make a plan and tell us what your thinking or at least tell us where you posted the plans for it plz

  • It would be the week leading up to Bridge Day (Oct 9-15). We will bring in a Turbine (Caravan/Porter) if there is a good response. 35 full service RV hookups tent camping with brand new shower house and bathroom facilities. Talking with BASE and skydiving vendors now.

  • I wouldn’t be able to get any time off work at that time of year, so I probably couldn’t make much of any boogie – most of my time would be spent at the bridge.

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