This Is Really Happening

Remember those dark days when, to watch cinematic classics like the one you’re about to watch, you had to drive to the movie rental store, rent a VCR that came in a grey plastic bag-type thing (you might have to be older than 30 to remember this part), pray like hell they had the VHS you wanted, lug all the shit back home, figure out how to hook it up and then spend all night watching the little gem of gloriousness, eating Little Caesar’s pizza (pizza pizza!), drinking Shasta orange and finally fall asleep at 3 a.m.?

PD New Beginning

Now all you have to do is click “Play,” right from the Blue Skies Mag website. We might as well be riding around in hovercars.


  • Heeey we can’t watch it here in good ole europe! what about all your awesome “out of the states” fans! :-)

    • Ah crap, you’re right! I’m sorry, I forgot that hulu puts country restrictions on some of its videos. Boo, hulu :( You’ll just have to come visit us in the states ;)

  • Man I was literally JUST thinking about that movie. Thanks for posting it BSM!

    Now that I wasted the first part of my workday watching that…I think I need to find “Terminal Velocity” with Charlie Sheen…I know I know, it’s lame but now it’s necessary. I have to get it out of my system :)

  • Can identify with all but the Little Caesars. There ARE some standards I won’t sink beneath.

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