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BSBD, Peter G

Well, this is a post I never thought I’d write. The seemingly indestructible Hungarian jumper Peter G has passed on to the great drop zone in the sky. I’ve never had a bigger crush on a bigger ass (if you knew him, you know what I mean) and we’ll all miss the infamous Peter G-isms. Like, “Vat, vat do you mean I can’t go downwind across the spectator area?” and “My friend, my friend…[insert awesomely weird advice here].” and “I’m alvays jumping. Even ven I sleep I am jumping.” Got more? Please share in the comments!

Peter’s family would like his ashes to return to Hungary, so there are a few fundraisers to help make that happen. Tanya Hannington is organizing an auction at the Ranch in New York. Prizes – so far – include 2 Blue Skies Mag subscriptions, Sun Path gear bags, reserve pack jobs, framed photographs, coach jumps and tons more. Donate something if you can and get to the Ranch to bid on some cool stuff.

Here are some photos that Peter G sent us and my slacker ass never got around to doing anything with.

PD New Beginning

The story he sent was,

“On September 6th during the infamous Skydive New England Tiki Bar Boogie freeflyers set an official Maine state Head Down record. The jump was part of 3 day freefly bender. With Travis Fienhage and Andy Malchiodi from SoCal Converge on hand organizing head up, head down, angle flying, and spaceball jumps it was only natural to throw a record in there. After determining that there was no official record it was decided to put together an 8-way round that would launch right out the door slot perfect. Local New England flyers Adam Laware, Chris McNaughton, Mark Rouillard, PJ Jackson and Dave Swanson combined with Dave Colucci, and the SoCal guys to put a record in the books on the first attempt. To ensure all went as planned Peter G. was on hand to get the perfect shot.”

Sorry, guys, to take so long to get that up. BSBD, Peter G.

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