A Week With Jeffro…For Reals This Time!

When we started this crazy adventure, we promised you seven days with Jeff Provenzano, better known as Jeffro, the first canopy pilot to ever execute a Miracle Man in competition.

PD New Beginning

It got scheduled, re-scheduled…basically never happened (though we did give you some great weeks with Eric Deren and Nick Grillet). Until now! Jeffro is in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with the Red Bull Air Force and we’re tagging along for the surreal, alcohol-free ride. Look for the final week in the March issue of Blue Skies Mag, and stay tuned here for some audio outtakes and long-long-distance phone calls.

Yep, Jeffro is that guy. Ad by

Yep, he's that guy. Ad by

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  • Hi Jeff. Marcello Encao died the other day of a siezure. Danny’s older brother. Our Neighbors next door. Just a little sad news from home. Hope you are safe over there. be good, well as good as you can be LOL . hope to see you when you are home again. Good seeing you at the beach. big surprise. love ya


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