Dogs at the Drop Zone

This month’s Skydive Radio got us debating the classic DZ debate: Should dogs be allowed on the drop zone?

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Dogs at the drop zone?

For reference, the latest Skydive Radio show:


  • People always used to accuse me of hating dogs … until they visited my trailer and saw that I had four dogs of my own. I love dogs, and I loved skydiving. The two just don’t mix. We always brought our dogs with us, and we made sure they had a great recreational weekend, running in the fields — we just didn’t let them wander around on the DZ.

    I never had a dog pee on my canopy though. My friends’ 2-year-old son did once, though!

  • I’m reluctant that the Pit bull requirements a unique kind of owner…these dogs, regardless of how ‘trusting’ nevertheless have teeth, are still creatures without having moral concepts and when they DO bite, won’t let go. As in all animals…some tend to be additional suseptable to instinctual habits and time and time once again, this breed tends to perform just that.

  • Raeford has been, and will always be a “dog dropzone”. The owners have them, the instructors have them, the full-time residents have them. If a “new” dog has a problem with a “resident/tenured” dog, then they had better get over it. The owners of the “tenured” dogs all do a good job of policing up the crap piles when those dogs fuck up and shit out in the landing area, but for the most part all of our dogs know where to crap. Still, it’s funny when we all watch a pooch shit out in the landing area and we heckle the owner as he picks up the fresh, steamy goodness. It’ especially impressive when my girlfriend’s 120 pound half-collie/half-st. bernard hucks one. Massive and delightful!


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