Run This Town

Crap, who is going to run this town tonight?

It’s a very odd thing to work in the skydiving industry. On one hand, you are a professional who goes to work every day and produces something people purchase with the fruits of their own labor. On the other hand—it’s skydiving, for f’s sake! We’re supposed to be ridiculously irresponsible and leave all our cares and worries to the DZO. Someone else runs this town, not us.

But, here we are, about to professionally communicate with our customers our plan for 2010, issue a Publication Schedule and just generally attempt to run a professional, responsible small business. Basically—we’re going to run this town tonight.

Anyway, enough with my hip hop-fueled analogies, and on to the business at hand. Please hold off on booby-trapping your mailbox because it’s apparent that your mailman has stolen your January issue of Blue Skies Mag. The postal service has nothing to do with the fact that your mailbox is silently crying out to be filled with our assemblage of paper and ink; instead, we planned to do a January/February combined issue that will come out mid-February.

This issue won’t be bigger than any other, but it will have a cool little surprise that we hope you’ll like. We decided to do a combined issue for a few reasons. First, skydiving activity (and, subsequently, advertising) typically is at its lowest in January. There just isn’t a whole lot going on—besides drama, which we’ll have plenty of in the March issue. Second, we are a small business and have been going at it pretty much non-stop since May; we built in a holiday break so we could show our relatives that we do, in fact, still exist.

PD New Beginning

The next order of business is our print schedule. Some bright mind suggested that your mailboxes would be happier if we spread the joy of skydiving publications throughout the month. Parachutist and other mags come out around the first, so we’ll let you enjoy that, and get our issue to you mid-month.

So, to recap: Jan/Feb issue mid-February, March issue mid-March, and on and on and on. With boobs* and beer, naturally.

*PS—We can’t print pictures you want to see if you don’t send us pictures of things you want to look at! Send them to

PPS—Kolla wanted me to say that we also want pictures of hot, shirtless men. We don’t discriminate when it comes to boobs. She has an excellent point. Here is an example of what we would like:

yes, please

yes, please

And that’s how we run our town.


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