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Update: Help an Injured Skydiver

We got an update on G, the swooper who was injured at World Cup in South Africa in November. From Julie, “He is now standing with assistance; as of 01/01, has some need of physio therapy, eating & talking, still wears halo device, hope to transfer to States in Feb.” His family and he still needs some help paying for all the costs of this injury, so the PayPal account is still active and ready for your New Year’s good karma donations ;) Thoughts and prayers are just as helpful (we think, anyway) if you can’t spare a buck.

PD New Beginning

The PayPal info again is:
Inga Gaizauskiene
AB SEB bankas
Gedimino pr. 12, LT- 01103 Vilnius
Banko Kodas 70440
email account info:

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