Saturday Biggish-Ways at DeLand

If you have our November issue, you know there are many compelling reasons to visit sunny Florida for all your jumping needs this winter (Cali, you’re next on our “Traveler’s Guide” list.) If you do not have our November issue, you can subscribe right here, super easy!

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Back to the topic at hand, Chris from right here in DeLand, brings us news of some low-key big-way action:

There is an informal group meeting Saturdays at Skydive Deland for introductory big-ways. Martin Sutton is organizing group skydives for people who want to learn and get experience on larger formation skydives. He has the blessing of the DZ and folks like Carl Daughtery who participates occasionally. Here is a link to my YouTube site to see my 399th and 400th skydives on the big-ways. It’s been a lot of fun and everyone is learning a lot. Anyone is welcome to attend no matter your skill level. Everyone is considered in the dive plan so there is the best chance of everyone being in and gaining confidence.


  • Thanks Lara for posting the info.Looking forward to a great new subscription for the Deland based or Central Florida skydiver.I will be recomending your magazine to everyone I know. Blue Sky Mag rocks!!
    Blue skies,

    • Just a note. Frasier “Flave” at Skydive Deland graciously did video for both jumps and put it together. Just another example why Sjydive Deland is my home DZ. Thanks brother I owe you lunch. HEY EVERYONE TEAM DIRTY SANCHEZ IS HAVING THE “5th” ANNUAL LUAU AT SKYDIVE SEBASTIAN MARCH 5-7th!!! VISIT for PHOTOS OF PAST EVENTS AND CURRENT EVENT NEWS. IT IS AN EVENT NOT TO BE MISSED !!!!! Blue skies !!

    • Have faith. I know it is a new venture and I’m willing to give it a shot. After all what do us skydiver’s have that can put the local non-skygod skydiver into a magazine. Parachutist won’t do it. I’m 41, have a 17year old son and 13year old daughter. They think it’s cool that Dad is printed. You can be too. Let’s support it. Team Dirty Sanchez rules !!!

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