Jay Moledzki Takes the Gold

Jay celebrates with team mates Ian, Shannon and Jessica

Jay celebrates with team mates Ian, Shannon and Jessica

From the PD Blog:

PD New Beginning

After the completion of nine rounds Jay Moledzki from the PD Factory team stood atop 66 competitors as the winner of the 2009 World Cup in Canopy Piloting.  The final round of accuracy was completed on Sunday morning in a downwind.  The full results can be found here on the events official website.

There were also two new world records set yesterday afternoon.  The first was in the speed event set by Greg Windmiller of the US Golden Kinghts/USA with a time of 2.093 seconds.  The second was in distance set by Nicolas Batsch of the USA with a distance of 181.70 meters.

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  • Did he yell, “Fuck yeah!!!” while crossing the gates? Oh wait that was Sebastian! Talk about hammering a record. :P

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