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Wind Holds at World Cup Leave Time For Mischief

The Canopy Piloting World Cup started in South Africa on Wednesday and is due to conclude on Sunday.  So far 2 rounds of Speed have been completed and, with the exception of 4 re-jumps, 2 rounds of Distance have also been completed.  This included Canadian competitor and PD Factory Team member Jay ‘Sexy Pony Tail’ Moledzki smashing the World Record with an impressive 175.92m on round 2 on his Comp Velo 79.   This currently leaves him in first position with almost a 40 point lead ahead of some strong competition.  The 5,000′ elevation and changing wind conditions have resulted in a large number of zero scores.

PD New Beginning

For skydivers, weather holds can be the most dangerous time, particularly at a Canopy Piloting World Cup.  For some, there was time to kill, and the Australian delegation challenged some of the other nations to an improvised game of indoor (well, in-tent) cricket.  Others took the time to get some much needed rest, particularly following the early starts we’ve been having with 0530 take-offs.  Here are a few pictures of competitors resting while they wait for the winds to drop.


  • Pretty stupid antics for an FAI sanctioned event. Grow up .

    *Webmaster note: Ed Scott at USPA has confirmed that this is an imposter comment, not his.*

    • stupid antics… you mean the part where they jump out of perfectly good airplanes? Or the part where they take their life-saving parachute and dive it at the ground really fast? Or the part where they don’t stand up the landing because it’s not a requirement of the FAI sanctioned competition? Or the part where all the 300 jump wonders watch them do it and try it next year and make 24 or so incident reports for 2010?

      Oh! the butt. Yeah, Ed, gotta agree, that’s stupid, we’ve never seen one of those before. Shocking that skydivers would do something like that.

    • Just FYI everyone, the real Ed Scott at USPA has confirmed that he did not post this comment. I’ll leave it up as a reminder that some people are tools. Especially people with ISPs in the Hemet, CA area.

  • I gotta agree Ed it was pretty stupid……but hear me out, after all the over time I had to work to come up with the three grand needed to fund my trip to this FAI event plus the sixteen hour flight, plus the seven hour time difference, plus the 4:15am wake up calls, and the 5 hour daily weather hold for wind…………I just couldn’t help it…..I broke the golden rule of the DZ……….I fell asleep with my shoes on…I’m sorry but I was exhausted (that’s me in the first picture).

    Oohhhhh, you mean the naked ass, WELL I guess it goes to show that no one is too good for a good ole fashioned mooning….Icarus Pilots, Daedalus Pilots, Golden Knights, even PDFT Pilots. Chalk it up to new friends having fun with new friends………isn’t that what skydiving is (was) all about?

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