Lots of Thanks!

As this fine Thanksgiving Day comes to an end, it is only fitting to look back and reflect on the first few months of Blue Skies Magazine.   It started back in February, the idea born as Lara struggled to get out of the smoggy airport of Reno, Nevada.  It’s hard to believe that now, just a handful of months later, we are an actual proper magazine.  Printed on real paper, in pretty colors, rated M, being mailed all over creation to our subscribers.

We have much to be thankful for.  This dream would have died on the wine if it had not have been for the incredible support of our friends and families near and far – if it hadn’t been for the masses of jumpers that took a chance on us sight unseen and subscribed – if it hadn’t been for the support of skydiving manufacturers that busted out their checkbooks and signed up to advertise with us (even after being warned that this wasn’t going to be your grandpa’s skydiving magazine) – if it hadn’t been for the awesome writers and photographers that continue to submit to us….  well, if it hadn’t been for all of that and a good heaping helping of insanely hard work and some dumb blind luck, there probably wouldn’t be a Blue Skies Mag.  But, here it is – we did it – and continue to love every minute of it.

Sky families are the best families. |

To all of you that help make Blue Skies Magazine what it is – thank you for being a part of this adventure.  We plan to stick around for a long time, and continue to bring you news and information, photos, videos, snark, sarcasm and all that good stuff.  And yes, you can still count on Blue Skies Mag to be the bringer of the boobies from time to time, because that is just how we roll.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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