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Now See This: Fayetteville, WV

West Virginian/jumper Marcus Ellison and Bridge Day BASE jumping coordinator Jason Bell gave us the locals’ scoop on just what there is to do in Fayetteville, WV—besides jumping off a huge-ass bridge. This, along with our Bridge Day ’09 guide in the October issue of Blue Skies Mag, should keep you set for legal activities during your Bridge Day experience. As for the other kinds of activities…we actively discourage them. (But get pictures!)

View What to Do for Bridge Day in a larger map, including Google Street View of the bridge

PD New Beginning

Based on the great help we got from all the local businesses Marcus recommended in his piece, we have to believe Fayetteville is one of the coolest towns ever. We’d have liked to print more of the great pictures they sent, but there were just too many cool establishments to have room for them all!

P.S. The Mystery Hole is not the quietly-whispered-about strip club. They’re here.

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