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Last Big Splash, Part 1

Smile! You're on BlueSkies Camera!

Smile! You're on BlueSkies Camera!

Kolla had a job judging the Last Big Splash a few weeks ago, and I thought I’d go along to see some swoop carnage, test out our new FlipCam! and get some sun. It was a great weekend, apart from the sweltering heat and feeling slightly awkward at first—I used to judge Florida swoop meets as well, but having been out of the state for the last three years, I let myself out of the swoop-loop a bit. But, it turns out today’s swoopers are just as friendly, crass and awesome as they’ve always been ;)

PD New Beginning

So, for your viewing entertainment, we bring you the first day of Last Big Splash. Let us know what you think (but be kind, it’s our first foray into video-land!) and enjoy!

We’ll also have several sweet photos from photographer Justin Carmody in the November issue of Blue Skies Mag, so keep your eye out for that—and stay tuned for Day Two of Last Big Splash…

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