2009 USPA Nationals off to a wet start

Competition started today at Skydive Spaceland with some rain, rain and more rain.  Around noon the skies cleared up enough so that meet organizers were able to get a handful of loads off the ground, enough to at least complete round 1 of intermediate 4-way.
At the close off registration yesterday 57 4-way teams had signed up to compete, with the majority of those being US teams with a handful of international guest teams competing as well.

Tomorrow looks like another wet day, but it is too early to tell if or how much the rain will hamper the meet.  The big teams are already pondering what effects (if any) this might have on team selection for the World Meet in Russia next year and some interesting thoughts on what might happen in case the weather doesn’t allow for a full meet are posted on the NSL website.  Kurt has been a busy guy, updating both his own website that caters more to hard core 4-way geeks, but also guest blogging on the CYPRES blog, where he writes posts geared more towards people with casual interest in 4-way.
Check both out for pictures and videos from Spaceland.

PD New Beginning

BWOtter_smI’ll leave you with a gorgeous photo of a lonely Spaceland Otter, waiting for the rain to let up.

Photo by Nik Daniel

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