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GAVBR Update

Here’s the latest on our first-ever Get-Alex-VB-Relay (GAVBR): we are looking for someone to bring the three cases of Victoria Bitter (VB) from San Francisco to Lodi by October 11. If that can happen, Alex has lined up someone who can bring those babies home from Lodi to Spaceland (and his tummy). (8 October)Brian has picked up the VB from Cellar360 and is handing off to the next relay person at Lodi this weekend! (15 October)The VB is on its way from Lodi to Skydive Spaceland—and Alex’s Aussie belly…

Cellar360, the one place in America to find VB

The one place in America to find VB, “The Best Cold Beer”

The slabs of VB haven’t left the city yet, but they’ve already had quite a journey! Here are some highlights:

PD New Beginning

  • Rob was willing to fit some in his airplane luggage, but we’re not sure three cases will fit.
  • A truck driver from Spaceland was going to be driving from Salinas back to Houston, and K-Dub was going to be driving from San Francisco to Salinas! Alas, they missed each other by one day.
  • Jen was at Chicks Rock in Elsinore and able to get it as far as Eloy, but no one could get it down to Elsinore.
  • Cellar360 is down with the plan! They are holding Alex’s VB in a secure location, waiting for pickup as we speak. Type. Whatever.
  • VB themselves, straight from Australia, are down with the plan, too! They tweeted out a call for help, so thanks to everyone who made it here from there. And they said you couldn’t get there from here.

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  • I sent this link out to the Northern California skydiving yahoo group… hoping someone will be able to help!

  • I’m heading to SF right now, I’ll pick it up tonight if I make it there in time. I’ll be in Lodi on Saturday and could drop it off at the Parachute Center.

  • Alright, I picked up the 3 cases of Victoria Bitter from Cellar 360 in San Francisco and I’ll bring them to the Parachute Center in Lodi on Saturday. Who am I giving them to? The guys at Cellar 360 were nice and wanted me to say hi to Alex.

  • Alex insisted that I try the VB, so I drank an ice cold one out of a frosty mug. I like most beer, but this one is a little too bitter for me. Maybe it’s an acquired taste.

    I met the secret agent at the Parachute Center in Lodi Saturday morning and handed off the three cases of VB (minus the one beer I drank). He’s going to drive them to Nationals.

    I’ll ask our photographer to email Lara the pictures he took of the hand off.

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