Bridge Day

There is just so much to say about this year’s Bridge Day! First, we will have a little guide to Bridge Day and things to do in the area, courtesy BASE jumping coordinator Jason Bell and local Marcus Ellison. Watch for more on that to come in the October issue and right here at

Next, we have a little favor to ask our loyal readers. We want to include a copy of Blue Skies Mag in all the jumpers’ registration packets. To do that, we are looking for someone who will be driving up to Bridge Day early in the week from either central Florida or the Charleston, SC area to take up a couple (heavy!) boxes of magazines. E-mail me at if you can do this!

PD New Beginning

Last, you may know of our printer woes, and how we were saved by a printer who shares our love of shenanigans and partial nudity. After reading the Bridge Day guide mentioned above, our rep (coincidentally, we’re quite sure) decided to take a boy’s weekend in the Fayetteville, WV area the weekend after next. So, if you run into a whuffo dude named Shawn from Virginia, please be sure to give him a good Bridge Day welcome—and thank him for saving Blue Skies Mag ;)


  • Doh! I stand corrected – Shawn has made a skydive. Anyone want to help get him up to 100 jumps so he can join the fun at Bridge Day 2010?

  • ok, Lara got the shenanigans part right and I am on the fence about the nudity thing since my best feature was made to grow and not to show but what’s with the whuffo comment? I’ve jumped before and have stared at too many magazine articles about rigging, boogees, formation records etc to count!
    Ok, admittedly my one lone jump was a while ago, and it was just a tandem but I’m no whuffo!

    BTW, I’m not sure what a “good” bridge day welcome is all about but here’s to hoping it involves female shoulder boulders.

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