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The New Road to Nationals

You may have heard the sad news that PACK’D, the team we were following to Nationals, is unable to go now. So, Blue Skies Mag is holding the first Get Alex VB Relay (GAVBR); instead of following a team, we’ll now follow a case of beer.

Alex is an Australian jumper now working and living at Skydive Spaceland in Houston. His birthday is coming up. He is thirsty. Alas, the one place in the entire U.S. of A. where he can find his favorite Aussie beer is a wine shop called Cellar360. In California. 1,953 miles away.

We are sending out this plea to our fellow jumpers. We know there are angels out there willing, ready and able to answer the call and quench Alex’s Aussie thirst.

The first leg of the GAVBR will need to acquire the beer from Cellar360 at Ghirardelli Square in the Woolen Mill Building and get it started on its trek southeast. Maybe you are a San Franciscan (San Franciscite? San Frannie?) headed to Elsinore for the weekend. Maybe you are driving through on your way to Eloy. Wherever you are from and wherever you are going, we will look for another volunteer at your destination to take it further east – and on, until it reaches Rosharon, Texas by October 12.

PD New Beginning

Of course, if one person can bring the VB all the way from San Francisco to Nationals, that would be ideal.

Think of it as good beer karma. If you can participate in the GAVBR, please contact us at And let the relay begin!

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