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What kind of skydiver are you?

Take our official Facebook quiz: What kind of skydiver are you?. Unless you hate Facebook quizzes, of course, in which case you should feel free to curse us under your breath for adding to the noise. And then take the quiz and come back to tell us your result.

What's the result of your "What kind of skydiver are you?" Quiz?


  • The quiz needs to have a belly flyer who is NOT into big-ways! What about all us 4-way folks?! I love 4-way, but not into bigger ways.

    • It certainly does. We left out lots of people – CRW dogs, 4-way, the terminal (ha!) hop & popper, AFF instructors, coaches, that guy who comes out twice a year, military jumpers, S/L instructors, videographers. We just don’t like those people. Ha! Just kidding. Really only because it was 2 a.m. and quizzes take a lot more effort than we thought.

  • What about CRW people or head down/free style/sitflyers/skyboarders(grouped together?)Poor way of doing a survey as the results would not be representative of what people are doing. Should also have a way of chosing more than one.

  • would love to know exactly what people are doing as well as how many do more than one. just to get idea of how many sleeping dawgs there are and I haven’t seen a boarder for a few years now. Com on make a better survey, PLZZZZZZZZZZ
    Woof Woof

    • Well, okay then. That actually would be a good poll. We’ll give it a few days so people forget all about this one, then do a honest-to-god for reals survey of what disciplines people are into. And allow multiple answers. But only because you barked.

    • Well, we hate other types of instructors. Why would anyone teach anything but tandems?

      Should have known it would be near impossible for skydivers to follow directions. Or read three lines of explanatory text. This is not a real poll. It’s an effort to get people to take the cute, fun little quiz we made on Facebook and post their results. Judging from people’s votes for non-existent quiz results, though, our effort failed miserably.

      We’ll post a real poll asking for people’s favorite disciplines very soon, just like I promised in the comment above.

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