Moritz Messes with Texas

Photo by Thomas Gurski

Photo by Thomas Gurski

German swooper Moritz Friess trekked across the Atlantic in order to train and compete at the new pond at Skydive Spaceland in Texas, the host of the 2009 USPA Nationals coming up in October.

This is a photo of him going the distance in the distance event (duh) – 480ft which qualifies as a new German national record (pending).  Only Hans Paulsen of Skydive the Farm, Georgia managed to eek past Moritz going 510 ft, which is a new Texas state record (pending as well).

PD New Beginning

Moritz went on to take first place overall against some hefty competition.  Pun intended, this is Texas after all.  Local swooper Justin Priece came in 2nd and Hans Paulsen took third.

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