2009 Redemption Boogie

Lincoln Sport Parachute Club (LSPC) turned 50-years-old this year! To celebrate, the volunteer organization threw Nebraska’s best boogie, the annual Redemption Boogie, July 16-19. Over 200 people were registered to jump from Skydive Arizona’s Otter, fill up on specialty beers and chow down on the best smoked pork, courtesy of club member Duane Hansen, named #1 at Syracuse Ribfest 2009.

LSPC annually donates a portion of the boogie proceeds to the American Cancer Society. This year would be no different until a week prior to the boogie, a friend of the club had a hard landing, putting himself in the hospital all busted up. Immediately, plans were in motion to include benefits from the boogie for the club’s fallen friend. The cashier had a bucket for jump tickets and cash as well as sold plates for $2. Saturday at sunset the plates were placed in the landing area for the Big Money Elmo Drop (Elmo just happens to be LSPC’s mascot). The full-size mannequin has his own gear and was static-lined from one of the club’s Cessna-182s. He landed on the opposite side of the runway so some measuring had to be done to determine the winner. The lucky plate belonged to Lee Baney; he did not keep the winnings, rather donated it all to the cause.

Cool stuff happened in the air—state records, Skyhook demos and the introduction of the Bradicole. What happens when you let the reps from Sky Venture Colorado talk you into a hybrid where two of the hangers are on their head? You get The Bradicole (Brad Cole + radical). SkyVenture Colorado sent three reps to skydive in every discipline. If there was a dive someone had always wanted to do, they got it done. SkyVenture also donated an hour of coached tunnel time to be awarded to the highest bidder, with all proceeds given to LSPC. SkyVenture also with raffled off 30-min and 15-min blocks for folks on the early risers load. Aerodyne, Liquid Sky, FireFly, PD, UPT-Vector and Vertical Suits were on site; check out for a complete list of vendors that contributed.

PD New Beginning

After alleviating some stress, the ladies set a Nebraska Women 8-way State record. When a couple 10-ways don’t work out, focus on getting everyone in their freefly suits for a sit-round. It helps when seven of the eight women are wearing Fire Fly Suits and the owner of Fire Fly, Sherry Jasnos, is also on the dive. All they did was look hot and voila, record! Happily sharing the spotlight, the women stepped aside to applaud organizer Jerry Eddens for getting people riled up to set a POPS State Record. With the help of Mark Farrell, POPS completed a 12-way on their first try!!!!

This boogie continues to grow while keeping its home-town feel. Turbine aircraft, camping, showers, food, beer, a strongly supported boogiemeister, committee and a whole lot of volunteer hours keep people coming back and LSPC couldn’t be happier!

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