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Poll: Do we need more skydivers?

Should we be trying to grow our sport and actively recruit more jumpers, or is skydiving good at current numbers (about 31,000-ish in the U.S., according to USPA)? Should there ever be 100,000 skydivers running around?

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Should we try to grow the sport of skydiving?

Please share your reasons why we should or should not be trying to grow our ranks.


  • More jumpers means more lobby power means more options for us to have for jumping. Most DZ’s are treated like second class citizens of a municipal airport and I think if we were a larger body of jumpers we could change that. Of course the opposite side of the coin is more jumpers = more accidents = more rules to stop the stupid from culling themselves… ah the double edged sword of popularity.

  • If it wasn’t for people trying to grow the sport, most of us would never have got into jumping in the first place.
    As people have already pointed out, more new jumpers will mean a higher accident and fatality rate, but the offset of that would hopefully mean even higher standards of safety and training on the dropzone.
    As with any industry, if the skydiving community can grow, it will only prosper.

  • I think the best way for more and more skydivers to come to be would be to increase the # of tunnels available for people to use. After the connection is made in people’s heads about flying their body the skydiving part would only be the next evolution for that.

    So more tunnels = more skydivers. :)

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