35 Years of Jumping – Roy Torgeirson

Roy landing a Star Lite

Roy landing a Star Lite

On the 4th of July 1974, back in his native country of Norway, a nervous but excited 18 year old Roy Torgeirson was getting ready for his first static line jump.
The rig was not exactly custom made – it was club owned Army surplus gear from the 50’s, sporting a TU-7 round main and a belly mounted reserve.  No wonder the guy looked a little pale.
The jump went as planned, and between the years of 1974-1984 Roy managed to get about 500 jumps in.  No small feat considering Norway’s long, cold winters and generally not the most favorable skydiving weather, even in summertime.

Roy with jump buddies back in the day

Family 4-way team in Norway 1977

Then life got in the way a little as it is want, but in 1997 after a 13 year lay-off, Roy returned to the skies.
Now, 5000 jumps later, you can find him at Skydive SW Florida in Punta Gorda, FL pretty well every weekend – usually with a tandem, AFF or static line student in tow.

PD New Beginning

Up-jumpers trying out static line

Up-jumpers trying out static line

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Roy’s first jump, Skydive SW Florida offered free static line jumps this past 4th of July to any up-jumper wanting to experience it.   Unfortunately they were not able to get their hands on any decent rounds in time, so they had to settle for today’s modern student gear.  Looks like they had plenty of fun with it anyway – and were probably somewhat relieved to not have to jump the rounds!
Jumpers in the photo (from left) are Lee Horton, Shane Nelson, Will Fastige and static line jumpmaster Roy Thorgeirson – photo by Bruce Gifford.

Thanks to Anne-Laure Touron for sharing!

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