Houston, We Have a Problem

Hopefully you’re all getting your August issues of Blue Skies Mag right about now. We’ve heard a smattering of issues with delivery, so keep letting us know if you still don’t have your July issue or you have any questions about your subscriptions.

And on to September’s issue…well, we do have a little issue. Rather, our printer—who has been nothing but accommodating and wonderful to work with—has a little issue. We had no idea this was possible, but it turns out they (or, more to the point, their other, church-going customers) don’t like exposed breasts quite as much as skydivers seem to. They were a little leery about our July issue, but maybe thought that we’d tame it down for August. Seeing that issue go to print, they realized we weren’t kidding about not being “family-friendly” and respectfully declined to print any future magazines for us.

PD New Beginning

So we’re trying our best to find a new printer that will treat us as good as the first one (minus the whole dumping us part) and get a good quality product out for you guys. We do have some solid leads and don’t anticipate too much drama, so we’re charging ahead with the September issue—but it might be a day or two later than we had planned. We’ll keep you posted on expected mailing dates for September. October should be right on target, and from then on, obviously smooth sailing towards global extreme sports media domination.

calvin-naked1I didn’t realize quite how prophetic our analogy of wanting to be the silly little brother running around the living room naked and swearing—while the grown-ups try not to spill their coffee—would be. We knew it would be a wild ride when we started, but this one sneaked up on us from behind—and has us giggling all the way to the loony bin ;)


  • Shit happens. But I had to giggle reading that post’s title. My 4-way RW team’s name was “Houston’s Problem”.

    Ah, those were the days…

  • There’s a bunch of printers/publishers around my house in Wheaton IL that you could try. Hmmm….let’s see, Tyndale, Christian Books, Holy Fire, and Billy Graham Institute. Yeah, they shouldn’t have a problem with typical skydiving community debauchery ;>) It is a “Family Oriented Magazine”…my wacky naked drunk Skydiving family!

  • You might try talking to Clark Thermond in Georgetown, Tx for a possible printer. He owns the Williamson County Sun.

    He ran Austin Parachute Center for years and he currently runs a local newspaper and has a full printing system. I know he does contract work for other publications.

    He is still an active pilot who owns a Super Cub, B-18 and a Pitts.



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