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Your Gear Colors

What does your gear color choice say about you? Let us know your color combos and our fashion experts will analyze the meaning.

PD New Beginning


  • Ask anyone who knows me – I’m stuck in the ’70s when it comes to fashion – brown is the best! My favorite pair of freefly pants is a sweet custom Ouragan combo of brown, orange and pink ;)

  • Red and gray/silver, whatever you want to call it! Gray wears awesomely, and the red adds that little bit of flair needed for those that want to express themselves ;)

  • Purple, teal and black with magenta/fuschia accents. My jumpsuit and Wings are in this color scheme and I have to say they are pretty hot!

  • I’m just in the planning stages of buying my first gear but I do know the container is going to be yellow and royal blue. Yellow because its my favorite color, and royal blue because I think it looks good with yellow. I already have a yellow altimeter and plan to eventually have a yellow helmet. Looking forward to it.

  • Rig: Purple Container with striped center flap of navy, teal, magenta with teal center teal same on right side with lime piping with smoke reserve container flap and lime graphics.

    Jumpsuit: purple teal and lime freefly suit. Rw suit navy grey and purple with teal accent trim tape

    Helmet: purple bonehead

    Canopy: Katana with Magenta, Lime, Blackberry, Lemon, Watermellon, Lemon, Blackberry, Lime, Magenta

  • Pink baby PINK !!!

    Years ago I was sitting in Dwain Westerns lounge room in Manly Sydney Australia . Choosing the colors for my 1st new rig which was a base rig a Reactor and a Fox I liked pink but BR didnt offer it back then and I was new into the sport so I just went go the closest , Megentea and it had some gray in it . The canopy had megenta and gray ,It looked sweet . But buy the time had come around for another new base rig I knew what I wanted A prism single pin contanior flo pink and black tie die the whole rig inside and out ,the canopy Like most things Im a slack ass and I left it to close to the norway season so I settled for a stock canapy all black black lines , Then the following years again New rig time , This time i wanted the same containor but with flo pink trim tape ,But BR stuffed up a bit and didnt tie die everything on the prism , But that canopy all flo pink black lines whoa !!. Now 9 years have passed and Its new rig time again and I have changed Co’s Im getting a new Zac2 from adrenalinbase All flo pink and black tie die ,And stane from Atair is making me a Flo pink OSP with black lines bleack slider flo pink toggles ….And will be getting another the same in Dec , All this attention on my base gear my skydiving rig allways takes a back seat it was 2 years into my skydiving before I bought a skydiving rig before that I had borrowed my mates rigs so I did get to try a lot of different rigs ,But in the end I just setteled for a second hand jav hated the colors it was uncomftable but wasnt to much money and was in top condition now in 2010 as im ordering the base rig I getting that 1st new Skydiving rig but dont have enough cash so ,and the second hand market here in Australia is sh!t house .So Im taking my cypress2 and my pd126 reserve out and buying a new Vector 3 micron All flo pink and black tie die flo pink trim tape and I mean everywhere evern getting a flo pink and black tie die d bag with a flo pink crossfire 2 At last Im getting that 1st new skydiving rig Ive allways wanted 5 base rigs and 1 skydiving rigs ……….

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