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Jim Slaton setting up a swoop course

Jim Slaton setting up a swoop course

“Serial Entrepreneur” Jim Slaton has added YET another web outlet to his already impressive list of websites, this time a Canopy Piloting TV Channel that promises to broadcast footage of swooping and high performance canopy flight.

In the event that you don’t already know who Jim Slaton is, you can learn more about him on his website, read his blog, read his OTHER blog, check out the Elite Flight Training website, his Blade Running website, the Pro Swooping Tour website, website, Swoop Week website or lastly the website.  Oh yes, and then there is a blog for 2009 Swoop Week too.
I can’t rule out that I might have missed one or two (leave a link in the comments if you find more), but this is a good start. 10 websites and one TV channel.  Jim, seriously, we can’t keep up with all of them, how about doing a “one website to rule them all” kind of thing?

PD New Beginning

All kidding aside, Slaton might be a prolific website creator, but the guy has worked hard to promote canopy piloting and along with a few other pioneers was instrumental getting the discipline recognize as a competitive one.  So for those of you that are into swooping, be sure to check some of those out.


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