Christmas in July

Cover1At least for those of our subscribers who sent in their checks before the first issue came out (that would be those of you that got the first issue in the mail, if you didn’t, you either got hosed by the mailman or your subscription hit my inbox after the cut off date) – you lucky guys and gals are getting a bonus month for free!

The reason?
Well, being a brand new publication we wanted to launch the magazine with a bit of a bang, so we printed up a whole bunch of promotional issues, to be sent far and wide.  You will probably see those show up at a local dropzone or a gear store, at your riggers loft or some even more interesting and obscure places.  Let us know in the comment section where you have spotted a copy, especially if it is in a truly bizarre location!
Since we are giving away a bunch to people we don’t even know, it only seemed right that we would give a free copy to our beloved subscribers too.  After all, if it wasn’t for you, Blue Skies Magazine would be a subscription magazine in a pretty severe existential crisis.

PD New Beginning

So.  Dear early bird subscriber: thanks for your faith in us, and enjoy your free issue #1


  • My payment was through PayPal on Jun. 21, 2009. I did not get an issue. Should I have? Any chance of still getting one?

  • Hey James!
    – yep it did…. just right after we went to print :( But fret not, we will be mailing one your way so you can catch up. Happy Christmas in July to you!

  • Copy showed up at the Prop at SDAZ today. Looked at the pictures, but didn’t read. Unbelievable! Got Rigs? Hypoxic. Congrats Trunk! Looking forward to the first issue.

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