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Jim Kime

Jim Kime

Captain Jim “Phantom” Kime of Zephyrhills, FL passed away May 24th, 2009 due to a short illness. How do you describe the indescribable? Phantom was a Master Mariner and held the highest qualification of Sea Captain. Phantom was a skydiver for over 35 years and absolutely loved the sport and camaraderie. He was the embodiment of Skydive City and would rarely be seen without a toothpick in his mouth or beverage in hand. He was a Muff Brother, an asshole, Mayor of Skydive City’s City Hall, and one of the last true gentlemen. He was generous and did so much for the community, both local and skydiving. Phantom’s departure left an incredible void which will never be filled. He was respected, loved, crude, honest, a mentor, and a legend. But most importantly, Phantom was our beloved friend and the coolest motherfucker you would ever have the privilege to know.

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  • Cindy and I are still deeply saddened by Phantom’s death but as we all know, life goes on.

    Everything in the e-mail is so true but I would like to add / acknowledge that Phantom was a very (very) good pool player.

    We had played many pool games together, drank many a beer, and listened to lots of good music, (that he would always pick) over many a table. We had played just before I came back to Michigan and joked and laughed about what a mutherfucker he is and that “I’ll get ya next time”. Next day he took me to the airport.

    I know you’ve herd it a thousand times …. but here it is again…. (1,001) …Z-Hills just won’t be the same without Phantom. And it surely won’t be the same for me, but I still call Z-Hills the top DZ in the world.

    Jerry (cloudbust’in) Coleman

  • Captain I miss you buddy! I don’t  get to buy you a triple of jaeger meister any more my friend. Still, I will never forget you. You were crude. rude and socially unacceptable. Something I aspire to. Your friend J. Kevin Lewis

  • Just stumbled across Jim’s Obit here. As my older brother, he was my hero growing up. Even now, 11 years after his passing, he still is.

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