Born to Fly

Man, we are really in the thick of putting the July (pre-second) issue together. If it wasn’t for music, I think I’d have gone crazy by now, so of course I’ve got a little playlist of “magazine launch anthems” going. I won’t bore you with the details of what each song means to me personally, but you can probably figure it out.

Kolla and I were talking about this little magazine, and how it’s just a runaway freight train. We couldn’t hop off now if we wanted to (and we don’t!). It feels like it was born to fly, just like the first song. If you don’t like country, don’t close the page yet! There’s a little something for everyone in this one:

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Here are some of the things we’ve got coming in the July issue: a feature on skydiving’s superwoman, Valinda Mitchell; rigging by Mike Gruwell; 4-way/competition tips by Steve Hamilton; a tunnel comparison chart by Ari Perelman; a week in the life of Eric Deren as he films the upcoming 3D movie Human Flight 3D; a review of new iPhone skydiving games; and an introduction to the 4-way team we’ll follow to Nationals, PACK’D. Including, of course, the snark and sarcasm, beer and boobs we’ve promised all along ;) And more of Sunman than you’ve probably ever cared to see (this was not the kind of nudity we had in mind when we planned the magazine, but we’re nothing if not equal opportunity givers).

PD New Beginning

I really really really really (really) hope you guys like it.

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  • And just as an FYI, Lara and I have very different tastes in men and in music… the first time we went to a boogie together I nearly kicked her out of the car for tuning into a country station.
    We were on our way to the Richmond boogie, so I guess in a way it was kind of fitting…

    For me, it’s the Smashing Pumpkins, O.A.R, Jack Johnson, Dispatch, Icelandic bands Ný Dönsk and SigurRós… and then the Mamma Mia remake, ABBA tribute. I know it’s lame, but I just love Pierce Brosnan singing out of tune. And yes, I sing along to ABBA, but only in the car, alone. Because sadly, I’m even more tone deaf than Mr. Brosnan.

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