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JT going the distance

JT going the distance

Now that we are living smack middle in the digital age, it seems that every other skydiver on the dropzone is equipped with a camera.  Odds are that you have, or can easily get, a kick ass skydiving photo of yourself in freefall or under canopy.
Armed with said picture (or a few dozen) in decent resolution, you then go visit the website of Big Huge Labs and follow simple instructions in order to turn your Kodak moment into a snazzy calendar.

The next step is optional (but highly recommended) – install the brand new wallpaper on your computer at work so that your whuffo coworkers may fully appreciate your coolness.
Then simply rinse, lather and repeat every time new month rolls around, preferably with a new picture every time.

PD New Beginning

For the overachievers, if you make some wicked cool ones, by all means put them up somewhere and share the link in the comment section. Just be cool about it and make sure you have the rights to the image or get permission from the photographer, best to keep them happy so they will continue to take cool pictures of us (and continue to delete the shots where we look not so cool.  Not that that ever happens to me, but it does happen to some people).

Now get creative, go play!

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