You found us. We are still arranging things and moving in here, so please pardon any dust, and let us know ( or comment) if you find anything wrong with the site, you can’t find what you’re looking for, or have suggestions for what you would like to see. Here are some things you probably want to know:

About the magazine

PD New Beginning

  • We’re shooting for a July issue to start.
  • Blue Skies Magazine will be a monthly print magazine, with a combined issue December/January and/or June/July issue.
  • We’re an independent air sports magazine, so we’ll be covering BASE, skydiving, ground launching, speed flying, paragliding, hang gliding and any other human-powered air sport around the globe – but mostly skydiving in the U.S. to start.

About the website

  • The website will have all the little stuff that doesn’t fit in the mag and time-sensitive news, plus extra features – like video, photo galleries, etc. that don’t fit so well on the printed page.
  • The links up at the very top are static pages; they probably won’t change anytime soon.
  • The links below the Blue Skies Magazine logo are Categories; we’ll add, delete, modify those as we go along.
  • We’ll have feeds for the whole site and each category; so, if you’re only interested in the News, you can subscribe to just that feed, for example.
  • Like I said, we’re still sorting things out on the website, so if something changes that you liked, or we add something you don’t, please let us know.

Any other questions? Let us know. Welcome in, make yourself at home and thank you!

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