Beer Fines: May 2009

Who owes beer this month? Call them (or yourself) out in the comments.

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    • Wes Graham of Freefall Express Skydiving continually lands across the beerline. He’s a 40 jump wonder and thinks he is completely exempt from the beer rules because he doesn’t drink. I beg to differ. We’re going to blow his reserve the next time he does it if he doesn’t pay up soon!

  • I broke the door in the otter at around 10 grand once the teams left, when we went to open it again at altitude it was jammed shut. First time in 25 years of skydive deland’s history we landed a load because the door wouldn’t open. i owe EVERYONE beer and now earned the nickname “door jam”

  • Jared and I (“Wild Bill”) did the first ever (as far as we can tell!) “Mr. Bill” at “The Jumping Place” in Saint Marys, Georgia today!

  • In Sebastian, Rick went to close the door in the caravan as we reach optimal temperature in the cabin, when all of a sudden the door was ripped out of his hands barely missing the horizontal stabilizer! We froze are asses off on the way to altitude. Thanks Rick!

  • In the August issue (page 32), SKYGOD says he didn’t have a “first” anything. But when he started writing his column for Blueskies Mag, wasn’t that a first? Doesn’t that mean he owes all us readers a beer?

    • No, SkyGod was writing magazine columns before magazines were invented. In fact, columns hadn’t yet been invented either, so the inventors of both magazines and magazine columns actually owe SkyGod beer for their firsts.

      SkyGod notices that this is Dick’s first comment on Blue Skies Mag website. SkyGod enjoys Vielle Bon Secours beer, which can be sent to: SkyGod, Florida, USA.

  • If the rules are followed that you have to buy beer for a ‘First’ then everyone owes beer for their 1st jump on any day as that is a ‘First’. This cannot be challenged as it is a ‘First’.

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