That Guy is: Dominik Loyen

Today’s That Guy is the guy who buzzed the European ski lodge in a wingsuit, prompting the local mayor to attempt to ban BASE jumping, wingsuit BASE jumping, wingsuit BASE jumping within 3 meters of a recreational skiier and really, just anything that comes close to what that guy did. The video and resulting press coverage was all over the whuffo world, and we want to know: Who is that guy?

That guy is Dominik Loyen, German ex-engineer turned drop zone owner turned blue skies free spirit, whose penchant for all thing Spongebob leaves everything just a little uncomfortable. He currently splits his time between teaching first jump BASE courses at 3-2-1 BASE in Spain and AFF/camera/coaching in Norway.

PD New Beginning

Stay tuned for an in-depth, heart-wrenching, tell-all interview with Dom . . .

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  • “prompting the local mayor to attempt to ban BASE jumping,”
    Its not Base jumping, its skydiving, wingsuit proxy skydiving.
    If Loic Jean is regarded as a hero for cruising the dome and untold others, then why is dominik vilified?..
    If you get permission, then its fine, will promote tourism. Surely all publicity is good publicity!?

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