I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You

What a terrible song that was. Hopefully that is not an omen of how this little venture will turn out. And now it’s stuck in my head.

It is 1 a.m. on a Friday night (Saturday morning?) in April and I am setting up the Blue Skies Magazine website. Although I don’t have kids, I imagine this is what Christmas Eve feels like to the parent of a picky 5-year-old—staying up late to wrap the presents from Santa, imagining the giddy, thankful scene in the morning when your beloved little creature wakes up and shrieks with delight to find the toy of his or her dream under the tree. You’re a little delirious – aren’t all parents of small children sleep deprived and slightly nutty? – and not just a little scared shitless. What if child *hates* present? What if child runs away to outer Mongolia to live with new parents who actually “get” him?

PD New Beginning

What this convoluted, slightly confusing analogy is meant to show is that we are doing all of this craziness (quitting great jobs with excellent insurance, working on Friday nights, living with the constant fear of failure) for you. We hope you like our website. We hope you shriek with delight upon opening your mailbox some sunny late-June afternoon to find the magazine of your dreams (no, not that magazine). We hope we can contribute something to the skydiving world.

So, I better get back to pushing buttons on this here interweb thingy. See you soon, and please start practicing your shrieks of delight.


  • I noticed that you have a poll on your website, which seemingly slams Personally, I don’t feel that you should be “anti” another site that could potentially give you a lot of business and hits on your website. Our community is so small that IMHO there is room for everyone. There have been positve posts to YOUR website on, I feel that you should reciprocate. Good luck to you… and I will by the way be viewing your site AND….

    • We’re not anti-anything. The point of a poll is to get people’s opinions – how do you know how we voted, hmm? ;)

      So, what should our next poll be? You call it, John Doe.

  • I don’t know what you heads are talking about, but I think this is a once in a lifetime opportunity

  • I think John Doe is an A-hole. How cowardly to be “john doe” when you’re trying to bash someone. Hey John Doe, apparently YOUR positive posts have been only on, so why don’t you have a beer and check out a nudy mag before you start with your negative comments. It might just help with your shitty attitude. That is what this mag is about right? Beer and boobs?

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