Welcome to: Skydive Orange

they drink beer at Orange

In “Welcome to:”, we’ll feature your videos introducing your home DZ.

Show us around like you would if we were coming to your drop zone for the first time. Where’s manifest? What’s the landing area like? Introduce us to your S&TA, your local skygods, the best packers, the worst packers, the girls we should meet (if we’re into girls), the guys we should stay away from (if we’re into guys). Where do people hang out once the beer light is on? What’s best to stock the beer fine fridge with? Where’s the campground, bonfire, bunkhouse or trailer hook-ups? Take us to your best dz party!

PD New Beginning

If you have a great “Welcome to:” video, post it on YouTube and send us the link. If we choose your video, we’ll post it here and the best one per month will be featured in the magazine.


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